What Types of Standing Desks Are There? You need to know 

If you are planning to buy a standing desk but you don’t know what types of standing desks are there? perfect for you, then here you can get all info.

Nowadays the uses of standing desk is growing in popularity rapidly. Apart from this dawn of the work from home was also helps to growing the popularity. 

 After all, it’s been demonstrated that a standing desk is far superior to a traditional sit-and-work setup. Just because Standing desks are come with a variety of styles.

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So all types of standing desks standing desk have different features with different types of benefits & drawbacks. It’s critical to think about your tastes and lifestyle before purchasing a standing desk.

So here I’m going to solve the confusion about the types of standing Desk, because I will explain all types if standing desk.

What is a standing desks?

A standing desk is a desk that simply allows you to reach your desktop surface comfortably so you may work standing up, which many people prefer for a variety of reasons.

The majority of standing desks are constructed of wood or an engineered wood product such as MDF or particle board. 

Adjustable “smartdesk” typically have a metal base with legs and a platform that rests on top of it. It improves your posture and increases your productivity.

 If you have severe back pain, a standing desk setup is one of the greatest ergonomic workspace alternatives for you.

What Types of Standing Desks Are There?

As we know that here are many different types of standing desks are available on the market today. Some are movable, while others are not.

Some are electric standing desks that adjust in height, while others are fixed height standing workstations. Some are even designed to allow you to exercise while you work!

The treadmill desk, a cross between a standing desk and a treadmill, has become one of the most popular recent technologies.

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When choosing a standing desk, take into account a variety of aspects such as price, size, height, design, material, and ease of installation.

So let me explain all the things about the standing desk:-

Different types of standing desks 

1:- Normal Standing desk (fixed height)

Types of Standing Desks- fixed height standing desk

First off all we need to go with the origin category of the standing desk, which is Normal Standing desk, it’s also known as permanent standing desk.

It’s called fixed just because, it’s doesn’t not have any Functionality regarding height or other movable features. 

It’s a permanent standing desk, it’s allows you to stand while working and is significantly taller than a standard desk.

Fixed standing desks are composed of durable materials and can support a lot of weight. But you won’t be able to adjust the height. It can usable at your home.

2:- Height adjustable standing desk

different Types of Standing Desks- Height adjustable standing desk

After the normal standing desk, the desk take a step ahead to the advance lable. Which features a height adjustable functionality.

This functionality allow you to araise and lower your complete workplace According to your requirement. Which is one of the best feature for your health.

Just because You can get so much health benefits of standing while working and rest after long periods of standing with a height-adjustable standing desk.

Height Standing desks can be classified into two types: adjustable and non-adjustable. There are two types of height-adjustable standing desks: manual and motorised. Those are explained below.

3:- Motor adjustable standing desk

different Types of Standing Desks- electric motor Height adjustable standing desk

This was one of the most famous and SmartDesk. Just because it comes with a Motor setup technology. 

People looking for a new method to stand while working have discovered the electric motor standing desk to be one of the most popular solutions.

 The electric motor standing desk is by far the most popular standing desk on the market, and it comes in about any configuration you can imagine.

If you’re considering an electric motor standing desk, make sure the weight capacity of the desk you’re considering is sufficient to support the load you want to place on top of it.

4:- Manual Adjustable Desks

different Types of Standing Desks- manual Height adjustable standing desk

We all have a some idea about the manual height adjustable standing desk, just because it’s one of the most popular standing desk.

This type of standing desk are comes with the hand-crank functionality, that helps you to adjustable height desk, which makes it the most prevalent type of manual adjusting desk.

The only noteworthy distinction is that the height of the desktop surface is modified using a hand crank, exactly like a standard desk.

Rather than using an electric motor, as we previously discussed, this desk relies on manual adjustments made by a user-operated crank mechanism incorporated into the corner beneath the desk’s tabletop surface.

5:- Hydraulic Standing desk

different Types of Standing Desks- Hydraulic Standing desk

This was the latest version of standing desk, that comes with A pump pressurises a fluid-filled compartment beneath the desktop surface.

When the pressure builds up, the desktop surface is forced upward. This allows you to fast and simply modify the height of your desktop.

To raise or lower the surface, these hydraulic pumps can employ either a manual crank or an electric system to operate the pneumatic cylinders.

Hydraulic standing desk claim to be able to support double the weight and twice the number of raising and lowering cycles than traditional desks, resulting in a very heavy-duty desktop.

The hydraulic standing desk is an under-the-radar option worth considering if you’re searching for a new workstation.

What are the benefits of a Standing Desks?

After knowing all the types of standing desks, now it’s time to know the advantages of the standing desks.

It’s very mandatory to know just because it helps you to Clear your major confusions about the standing desk.

There has been a lot of research done on the dangers of sitting for long periods of time, and standing desks can help you take charge of your health at work.

This was not the only benefit, here I’m going to explain all the benefits of the standing desk.

Advantages of Using a Standing Desk

Let’s have a look on the benefits of a standing desk. 

1:- Improve your body posture

As we know that health comes first. Just because without a good health we can’t live our life. Body posture plays a Vital role in a healthy life.

When we work on a desk, we have to have to stay in a perticular posture for a long time. If it’s a bad posture, then it will be very dangerous for our body.

So we need to change our body posture while working, but it’s not possible in every types of desk. Just because all the types of Desks doesn’t have the capability to change the position.

It happens when you have a standing desk. As we know that standing makes us healthier than sitting. This is because when you stand up straight, you naturally got better posture.

2:- Reduces back pain

Yes, standing desk also work as the back pain reliever, sitting in a desk for a long time was one of the main factor of human back pain.

When you’re using a height adjustable standing desk, it helps you a lot to change the body posture from sitting to standing.

You need to maintain the Multiple body posture, to get relief from the back pain. Standing desk all you to Maintain Multiple posture according to your mind.

So when you Maintain Multiple posture, then you back will be healthy and you will stay healthy.

3:- Reduce Stress

Another advantage of using a standing desk is that it reduces stress. Yes it can offers you a stress free working session.

Standing for long periods of time has been shown in studies to reduce stress and anxiety. According to this result, if we work in a standing mode then we must have a stress free hours.

Nowadays we got a lots of stress in our day to day life, whenever it’s from office or home, for a healthy life we must have a stress free.

A standing desk can make you stress free whenever you are on it. So you need to use a standing desk for Maintain a stress free working hour.

4:- Better comfortability & concentration

Comfortable and concentration are the most important part of your working hours. Without comfort you can’t concentrate on your work.

If you can’t concentrate on your work, your Productivity may go down. So both are must be important fo a better workstation.

Standing up throughout the day has been shown to increase cognitive capacity in studies. Your body instinctively turns into a more alert condition as you stand.

In a case study, scientist found that standing at a desk instead of sitting all day is more comfortable. Because standing involves less muscular effort than sitting, this is the case.

5:- Productivity gainer

Productive was one of the most important factor in your working life. Without a good Productivity you can not satisfie your boss.

For a good amount of production you need a comfortable workspace. A workspace that makes you feel comfortable.

Studies have also showed that workers with standing workstations are more than 40 percent more productive than those who sat during their entire shift.

FAQ’s on Different types of standing desk

Why do you need a standing desk?

You should utilise a standing desk because sitting for long periods of time is extremely harmful to your health.

Using a standing desk, on the other hand, is beneficial not just to your health but also to a variety of other factors like:- it can can reduce your chances of gaining weight, It also helps to decreasing blood glucose levels.

How Much Weight Can a Standing Desk Hold?

As we all know, there are numerous varieties of height adjustable desks, each of which is unique. The desk also build with strong materials.

Standing desks may support between 150 and 700 pounds. Furthermore, higher-end electric desks can accommodate more stuff and are more durable than lower-end models.

Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive?

Standing desks are becoming more popular as they are beneficial to both your body and mind.

They may appear to be more costly (but this isn’t necessarily the case!) However, there are some valid reasons for this.

It’s because there are specific materials and designs that must be used when creating a standing desk.

Final Word

Choosing the correct standing desk is a difficult undertaking, but with knowledge of the various types of standing desks, you will be better prepared to make an informed decision.

A standing desk can be obtained in a variety of ways. Choose the best way to get started for you and go for it. Simply get started. 

I hope i able to solve the confusion about the standing desk, if you find the article interesting, then please share with others.

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