21 Types of desks and their uses: You need to know

In this article I’m going to explain some different types of desks and their uses, which will help you to get some idea about the desks.

Nowadays Desks are becoming the most versatile piece of workplace and household furniture. Having a perfect and wonderful desk may be the focal point of any room dedicated to a single activity, whether it’s a pastime, study, work, or simply having fun.

When you go to purchase a desk, then you get confused, because there are so many products available. We’d like to assist you go through the various styles, functions, and forms to find the ideal desk for your needs.

There are different types of desks available according to their shape and size, which are also divided into several types, ranging from classic, spreading wood versions to high-tech, minimalist steel and glass designs.

Some of those like Writing, computer, secretary, credenza, and executive desks are all divided into  different categories based on their intended usage. 

Each type, material, and finish adds a distinct touch to the room in which it is installed, so selecting the correct model necessitates a balance of aesthetics and functionality.

So now let’s have a look at the main topic. I’m going to share 20 types of desk models.

Types of desks and their uses

1:- Computer Desk

types of computer desks and uses

Computer desks are the most practical and functional of all home office desks in a modern home office setup. These include enough room for a computer tower and monitor, as well as storage for any computer supplies, cables, and peripherals you might require.

This is built for efficiency and simplicity, just like the writing desk, but with more space for hardware components. A keyboard tray and a huge storage area for the CPU are important features.

Use for: The computer desk are specially used for store a computer or laptop on to it. You can also use it for different purposes.


  • Inbuilt keyboard tray.
  • CPU storage.
  • Under-desk drawers.
  • Shelves for storage.

2:- Writing Desk

types of writing desks and uses

Any surface, whether it’s a dining table or a mattress, can be used as a writing desk. But, let’s face it, a writing desk offers a more solid and comfortable environment for penning a letter or even a novel.

 It’s also adaptable, this types of Desks are allowing it to be utilised for a variety of tasks such as project work and crafts. It can also serve as the focal point of your workspace.

Writing desks look great against a wall or in the centre of a home office floor. For office work, this style is more suited for a laptop than a desktop computer. The simple, conservative design works well in almost any setting.

Use for: The writing desk are specially used in study room, school and colleges, where it plays a vital role to read and write purposes.

Famous for:

  • Perfectly situated for computer usage needs.
  • Various depths.
  • Various lengths.
  •  Justified space and storage.

3:- Secretary Desk

types of Secretary Desk and uses

Throughout the years, the secretary desk has evolved. The typical secretary desk resembles a desk and a dresser in appearance. Behind a panel that acts as a desktop when opened, it is loaded with compartments, cubbies, and drawers.

 In comparison to its predecessors, modern secretary desks are smaller and less cumbersome. Many versions have front-facing hidden compartments and drop-down lids.

You should acquire a secretary desk if you want a desk where you can keep a lot of paperwork and other workplace needs.

Use for: The secretary Types of desks are specially used in office or official purposes. 

Not for:

  • It’s too small for 24/7 work.
  • No CPU storage.
  • No space for your legs to move.
  • May feel uncomfortable.

4:- Executive Desk

The executive or office desk, arguably the most visible piece of home office furniture, provides ample storage and writing space. These desks are one types of large desks, so if you buy one for your home office, you’ll need to make sure you have enough room.

There are three types of executive desks: 

  1. L-shaped: The L-shaped desk is ideal for use in small spaces and corners. The ‘bridge,’ a perpendicular wing, connects the two. It has a large surface area for multitasking as well as storing numerous office items.
  2. U-shaped: The U-shaped desk, on the other hand, is similar to the L-shaped desk in that it has a bridge that joins two desks to create a wrap-around design. It’s designed to be used in wide spaces and has ample room for household or workplace goods and equipment.
  3. Open plan: These types of desk come with dividerless Rows. Unlike the other two types of workstations, it is made up of just one desk and no extra furniture. It has gained a lot of traction in the business sector.

Use for: The executive types of desks are specially used in home or office, it helps to glow you room looks. where it plays a vital role to read and write purposes.

5:- Floating Desk

A floating desk, like the trestle desk, is intended for usage or installation in small rooms or dwellings. Because it is affixed to or placed on the wall, it is also known as an on-wall desk.

A floating types of desk can be placed in even the tiniest of spaces. It might give you the space you need to work on your laptop while writing or typing. When you’re finished working, you may fold it up and put it away.

Use for: The floating desk are specially used in study room, school and colleges, where it plays a vital role to read and write purposes.

6:- Trestle Desk

The trestle desk is a smaller version of the writing desk that is more modern. It features a large work area as well as a modern, lightweight, and compact design. It has been a favourite in millions of European homes due to its stylish, trendy, and modern appearance.

The trestle desk is a board of wood put on two trestles. This style of desk is great for tiny homes because it is portable and practical. For storage, it’s usually combined with a short, mobile filing cabinet.

Use for: The trestle types of Desks are are the smaller version desk of writing desk. Which can be used in home office, it can provide a big workspace.

7:- Walking Desk (Tredmill)

A tredmill desk is a treadmill that also serves as a desk. The latter is usually a standing type that may be adjusted in height. On the other hand, the treadmill is hidden beneath the desk. 

This set-up or arrangement allows you to exercise while working on your computer, whether it’s sending emails or writing memos.

Even still, there’s no doubting that a treadmill desk can help you spend less time sedentary at work. Tredmill desk use has also been demonstrated to improve productivity and focus while working in studies.

Use for: The Tredmill types of Desks are the similar model desk of standing desk. This desk provide a large space to work in your small room by standing.

8:- Butler’s Desk

The butler’s desk is not as modern desks. It was used in 18th century, the butler’s desk was created for the household’s senior servant. It’s a place where documents and records are kept. It was a tall desk designed for use by a person who stood at the time.

It’s a square-shaped drop-front desk that’s short and compact but heavy. Around a centre door are several little drawers and letter slots. Behind a pair of doors, the lower portion of the desk usually features three to four drawers and shelves.

Use for: The butler’s types of desks was a traditional desk, the desk specially used in room, it can make you room looks amazing. 

9:- Standing Desk

In the same way that a treadmill desk forces the user to remain standing while working or writing, this device does the same. The standing desk is one of the alternatives to sitting for long periods of time at work. 

For height adjustment, you can choose between a manual or an electric standing desk. This height-adjustable desk allows the user to select the ideal working height without having to slouch. 

The amount of other outstanding characteristics of standing desks will astound you. A sit/stand reminder is available on some models, which alerts users when it’s time to sit or stand. Others have an LED display that shows the precise height of the desk.

Use for: The standing types of Desks are specially used for do your work while standing or running in a running machine.

10:- Credenza Desk

This is a modern type of desk that is frequently positioned against a wall. In a typical office, it acts as a secondary surface to another desk.

Credenza desks typically have several drawers for storing paperwork, pens, and other office supplies. Furthermore, just like regular desks, this style of desk gives ample knee and legroom.

Use for: The credenza types of Desks was the desk which allows you to create a beautiful workspace in a small room. You can use it on your home for the home office. 

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11:- Corner Desk

A corner desk, as the name implies, is designed to be placed in a corner. Many users like L-shaped desks because they provide a large working area where they can comfortably set multiple computer screens and documents on both sides without having to extend.

Now that you’ve learned about 19 different sorts of desks, you can start looking for one that meets your requirements—whether you need a large enough work area or one that adds a touch of elegance to your home or business.

Use for: The writing types of Desks are specially used in study room, school and colleges, where it plays a vital role to read and write purposes.

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12:- Lectern Desk

The lectern desk, unlike the other types of desks listed above, is not usually encountered in homes or even offices. It’s a specific desk for persons who are giving a speech or giving a presentation.

This is a small, elevated desk that allows the user to take notes while speaking in front of an audience.

One of the best benefits or characteristics of a lectern desk, aside from its compact footprint, is its portability. Some variants are foldable and may be stored and transported in a case; others include retractable legs.

 Lecterns with separate carry bags are also available. Lecterns also feature accessible shelves for storing presenters’ items such as pointers, documents, and computers.

Use for: The lecterns types of Desks are specially used in school and colleges, to give speech in stages. These are one types of desks school.

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13:- Armoire Desk

According to legend, the armoire desk was the predecessor of today’s computer desk. Armoire is derived from the French term ‘armaire,’ which refers to a closet or set. It’s a type of storage facility.

A writing table and a huge cabinet are combined in an armoire desk. Its height can range between 1.5 and 2 metres. The cabinet is enclosed by two to four doors. This workstation is typically positioned against a wall. This desk has a lot of storage space yet doesn’t take up a lot of room in your home.

Use for: The armoire types of Desks are specially used for writing, you can also so many things in the draws.

14:- Rolltop Desk

A roll-top desk has a hood that slides down over the desk surface, securing all of the contents. While it is not the most practical desk, particularly for computers, it may be a lovely addition to any workplace, living room, or principal bedroom.

This desk was comes with Drawers on the left side and also Drawers on the right side, which help you a lot to store something.

Use for: The rolltop types of Desks are specially used in bedroom, you can store some lights and other things on to it.

15:- Cubicle Desk

Cubicle desks combine all the elements of an l-shaped desk with a privacy screen on at least two sides. The screen allows multiple people to work in the same office or room with a semblance of visual and auditory privacy.  You will often find these types of desks inside an office with multiple employees.

It comes with semi-private and personalizable workspace shields with a screen. It also has Larger versions which can offer a big sizable working space with an l-shaped desk. Storage space for work items.

Use for: The cubicle types of desk are specially used in office and workstations where it plays a vital role to do work with privacy.

16:- Carrel Desk

Carrel desks are the most basic cubicle workstations on the market. These are most likely to be found in a library or a school. They give a minimalist personal workstation with a privacy-enhancing shell on top of the desk.

It can provide Privacy for workspace, studyspace for books, papers, or a laptop. It also provide quieter and more private space in a crowded room with lots of people.

Use for: These types of Desks are specially used in library, school and colleges. So these desk are comes from the school desk types. just because it has a bigger body which can also more people to use this.

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17:- Lap Desk

If you prefer to work while sitting on the couch or in bed, a lap desk would be ideal for you. A lap desk provides a study surface and allows you to work from your couch, bed, or any other location in your home office. The lap desk’s height is adjustable, ensuring that you don’t strain your neck and back while working.

Most modern lap desks now include features such as cushioning and ventilation. If you want to keep your smartphone close to you while working, a lap desk with storage space is a good idea.

Use for: The lap desk are specially used in bed room and anywhere just because it has a small space and lite weight.

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18:- Dual-Sided Desk

The Dual-sided desks are ideal for providing two persons with separate workspaces in the same room. These extra-deep desks allow you to hide your computer screens. They can also serve as a typical work desk for you while providing space for your client to sprawl out and sign documents.

These desks are come in various versions including writing and executive desks. Some of designed with internal drawers, shelves, and filing storage. It can also allow two people to work with spatial privacy in a shared space for working together.

Use for: The Dual-sided desk are specially used in office and it used in official work. where it allows 2 person to do the work.

19:- Coffee Table Desk

The coffee table desk is not intended to be used as a writing or working surface. Instead, this low table, which is frequently positioned in front of a sofa, is used to store periodicals and remote controls.

 It can also be used to provide food and refreshments to your visitors. The coffee table desk, along with the sofa, can be the focal point of your living area.

Coffee table desks come with a variety of characteristics. Some variants have a top that lifts up using a hinged mechanism. This innovation allows the coffee table workstation to have greater storage or surface area.

Others contain bins, drawers, and shelves where periodicals, newspapers, and other such goods can be stored.

Use for: The coffee table desk are specially used in dining room, which allows you to take small lunch and take some conversations.

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20:- Bedside Desk

This desk was going to be One of the most underappreciated features of your bedroom. A bedside table does not have the same amount of surface area as a computer desk. 

Sure, it’s not as crucial or required as, say, a bed or a wardrobe. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a spot to set your alarm clock? Or a table on which you can set your lamp? And, let’s face it, you’ll want a table or desk to put whatever else you need to reach from your bed.

It does, however, have enough room for bedroom basics like alarm clocks and table lamps. However, most bedside table designs have drawers and shelves for storing other bedroom essentials.

Use for: The beside desk are specially used in bed room, where you have small space, because i has small size.

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21:- Drafting Tables

Drafting desks are great for persons who spend their days drawing or looking at big sheets of paper. The desktop slants down to create an angled work surface. Some additionally incorporate paper and supply storage.

It allows you to adjust the work surface angle you need. You can get a ledge which helps you to prevent writing utensils from rolling off

Ample space underneath to move your chair. 

Use for: The drafting desk are specially used in drawing room, which allows you to do some interesting works.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the demission of standard desks?

The dimensions of a desk might vary based on its intended use. Because of its employment in a classroom, a school desk is likely to be smaller and more compact than an office desk.

Most desks are between 48 and 72 inches wide and 24 to 36 inches deep, with a height of around 30 inches. These are the most frequent measurements, yet there are times when the design of a desk deviates from these projections.

Can i repair a desk ?

There are a number of common issues with office desks that users frequently consider resolving. Finding a business that can fix furniture at a reasonable price can be difficult, so it’s usually advisable to do the repair yourself for the best price. 

Legs that are unequal or incorrect in some way are one of the most typical problems with desks. In order to establish additional layers of strength, this usually necessitates a full remoulding of the desk leg.

In rare circumstances, the repair is more complicated and may necessitate the purchase of a new desk frame. These are fewer common repairs that are often far more expensive than minor issues.

Can desk are recyclable?

Yes, the desks are recyclable but Many desks can be difficult to recycle, especially due to the lack of materials used in the creation of the majority of desks. Plastic is the most prevalent material that may be recycled in desks, although recycling it successfully can be difficult.

What are the perfect shape for desk?

The desk shape are depends on the propose of your use, Household and school desks are usually rectangular in design, with four robust legs to support the weight of the standing desks.

In some circumstances, instead of a rectangular cube shape, specially built desks may take the shape of a circular or oval.

To make working conditions more convenient and for organisational purposes, certain office shaped desks actually curve like a ‘U’. These desks are more commonly found in offices and are less likely to be found in a home or a classroom

What are the materials used to made desk?

Metal, wood, and plastic are the most popular materials used in home desks. The amount of each can vary based on the desk’s design, but these are the most frequent sorts of materials to find.

Oak wood is one of the most prevalent forms of wood used in desk designs. Maple wood or cherry wood can also be utilised for desks in some cases.

Desks can surely be painted in a variety of various ways, but it can be incredibly difficult to successfully express a high-quality finish without enormous efforts of sanding and priming. 

For furniture painting, oil-based paints and other specialist paints are frequently used. Although painting desks is easier than painting many other types of furniture, it is a time-consuming procedure that may be highly tedious and difficult.

Final Word

That concludes our discussion of the many sorts of workstations. People have built several sorts of desks for their working needs all throughout the world and over time. Some are versatile, while others are dedicated to a single duty. A single individual or a group of people can work at a desk.

You may select a desk that suit your needs regardless of space size, storage requirements, or aesthetic preferences. The correct desk can make a significant difference in how you feel at the end of the day.

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