How to Setup a Desk for Gaming & Streaming? 5 Setup Ideas

If you’re looking for how to setup a desk for gaming & streaming, here I’m going to share all the tips, tricks and ideas.

You always need a solid gaming setup when you’re a casual gamer or a professional streamer. A normal setup can’t give you the pure streamer experience.

 A well-organized gaming/streaming desk with lowers clutter can offer you a pleasurable setting while you’re playing your favourite games. 

To get the pure streamer Experience and satisfy your fans, you need to setup monitors, camera and equipment in a proper way.

So, here I’m going to share the way that will help you to setup you desk for gaming and streaming.

How to Setup a Desk for Gaming & Streaming?

Gamers and streamers don’t have the same responsibilities as office workers. Without particular equipment, it’s difficult to get through a professional gaming or streaming session.

 To get the best streaming experience, gamers need specialised equipment like tripods and monitor mounts, which all take up space. 

There are a few basic techniques and products to set up a gaming station and make it streaming friendly.

1:- Choose comfortable space.

How to Setup a Desk for Gaming

First of all you need a suitable space in your room to build your setup. A  comfortable space allow you to make your dream streaming room design.

When you have comfortable space with setup, you can easily transition between games and chat, almost all streamers use two displays. It helps to make your room into a streaming room setup.

If you have a cluttered area, then you can go with the small desk setup for streaming and gaming. For a small setup, you need a desk that must be according to your space.

 In a gaming & streaming session or in a streamer desk setup , you must need to check direct messages, read feed. It’s not possible when you haven’t sufficient space for the dual monitors and equipments.

In the case of small desk setup, you need to choose the small monitors that must be perfect for your desk space.

2:- Always keep storage

As we know that storage is the most important thing that always a desk setup needs. So always try to keep storage in your desk. However your desk is big or small.

 If you have a small desk setup, you can go with the storage solutions, there are variety of storage solutions are available, it can help you save a lot of space on your desk.

If you have a question about, “why storage is important” then you mu Remember about th gaming equipments that you always need in a gaming session.

For example, in a gaming streaming setup, you always have to wear gaming headsets for the majority of time. You can Install hooks underneath of the desk to store the headset.

3:- Choose a perfect Desk

How to Setup a Desk for Gaming, Streaming

Choosing a perfect desk is one of the most important thing after getting the space and storage. Just because a desk is the most important aspect of a gaming and streaming setup.

As you know there are various types of Desks are available in the market. Which always creates confusion in a person mind. 

For the rid of the confusion, you must go through a standing desk or a l-shaped desk. Just because it can make your streaming setup comfortable, so you can to stay last without make you feel body pain.

Always keep in mind about your room space, when you are going to choose a desk for you. Because you are going to set your desk according to your room space.

4:- Get a Comfortable Chair

How to Setup a Desk for Gaming and Streaming

Getting an Egronomic chair is Also an important task like getting a perfect Desk. Just because without a comfortable chair you can’t get a propper sitting position.

When you don’t have a comfortable sitting position, you may feel body pain and back pain. These pains are directly gives bad impact to your Gaming and streaming session.

Some of the most crucial elements of an ergonomic chair in your streaming room setup are headrests, lumbar support, and height adjustments.

So you always try to choose a high-quality chair for your setup. You must have to invest in a chair, overall your health is important.

5:- Use a Monitor stand

How to Setup your Desk for Gaming & Streaming

After finishing the arrangements of a desk and chair, now it’s time to go for the monitor setup. Setting up a monitor on the desk is one of the most critical task.

It will make you more fraustated, when you have a small desk. To settle a monitor easily, you need a monitor arm, which is the initial component of your streamer desk setup.

As you know that, It’s really tough to stream effectively with a single monitor. You always need Multiple monitor setup.

 In a Multi monitor setup, you can easily shift and rotate monitors with the help of a monitor arm. Which make you feel like a professional streamer.

There are so many monitor arms are available in the market, you just pick the right one for you. That will help you to make your gaming setup for streaming good.

6:- Get Dual monitors 

How to Setup your Desk for Gaming and Streaming

Streaming and Gaming is not a single monitor work. It will be more enjoyable, when you have dual monitor set up.

If you’re thinking about why Multiple monitors are required to Streaming and Gaming, it all comes down to the interactive nature of streaming. 

When you have dual monitor, you’ll be playing a video game. The appeal to your viewers, on the other hand, comes from an interactive experience.

As a result, one display will be dedicated to your gaming, while the other will be used for duties such as viewing comments, stream layout management, and so on.

7:- Use mechanical keyboard

How to Setup your Desk for Gaming, Streaming

A keyboard is an important component of every PC user, while they built their small desk gaming setup. 

As we know that there are various types of keyboard are available to fulfill different types of purposes.if you have a larger space, you can go with a huge keyboards.

But you can’t afford to utilise huge keyboards that limit the desk’s ability to accommodate additional components if you have a tiny desk arrangement.

When it comes to the num keypad, this is where you may take advantage of a keyboard’s built-in redundancy. 

8:- Use a camera with light

Setting up a camera playing vital role in streaming setup. Just because without a watching you in your streaming session, your viewers are may not satisfie.

That’s why you need a camera on you streaming desk setup. A camera with in-built light can make yoy more comfortable streaming in a streaming session.

 Without a camera, you may go on Twitch or YouTube. However, studies on how much of a difference the live video feed makes to the appeal of your stream is nearly conclusive.

 Unless they already have a significant dedicated following, streamers that merely use a microphone do not garner much attention.

9:- Get a headphone with microphone

How to build your Desk for Gaming & Streaming

Headphones are another most important components for streamers. Just because it has the ability to supply your voice to your viewers.

Most of headphones are usually comes with integrated microphone, but their also some have some ordinary headphones.

The ordinary headphones can’t give you the best quality of hearing and speaking. So you need to invest in a good headphones. 

Otherwise, If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a dedicated microphone, you can use the one that comes with your headset. 

If you can invest some extra, then you can go with a dedicated microphone. Dedicated microphones typically offer a wider capture range and superior noise cancellation. 

Furthermore, built-in microphones have a bad propensity of picking up very little audio from the headphone speakers.

10:- Light up your setup

Every Gamers are always wants to  setup their game space with light in their own idea. Just because light are makes the setup look beautiful.

Lighting a desk setup can make you feel happy and make you keep attached, whenever you see it in every time. So it’s mandatory to Light up you desk with rights.

 You can consider LED-colored illumination if you’ve upgraded your PC setup, installed racks and hooks, and are searching for a method to make your desk stand out.

If you look at any of the top Twitch streamers right now, you’ll see that they all have dimmed overhead lighting with RGB backlights, LED strips, and various glowing peripheral lights.

11:- Don’t forget to manage cables

This was the last and final step after setting up all the equipments, you need to manage or hide the cables of the computers.

The cable management system does not affect on your streaming session and your viewer satisfaction. But it can have a significant impact on the flow of your setup.

 When you’re using twin monitors, green screens, and separate PCs for playing and streaming, your whole desk can quickly get cluttered. 

To get rid from cluttered area on your desk, you need the Cable management system, just because it keeps the room orderly and makes cleaning easier.

5 best Streaming Desk Setup Ideas

After giving the full setup equipments idea, now I’m going to share some ideas about streaming desk setup. So here are some catalog of streaming desk setups.

1:- All Black setup

How to build your Desk for Streaming

This setup was specifically dedicated to the black lovers. Yeah, those people, who actually looking for the black beauty collection setup, they can go through with this design.

It’s a simple and elegant dual monitor streaming room arrangement. It’s ideal from every perspective. It can be matched to almost anything. 

With an all-black arrangement, you may create a highly sleek and attractive workstation. It’s one of the better streamer concepts. 

Black technology looks great with silver or white accessories. For a more masculine look, consider combining leather or wood into your desk design.

2:- All white setup

How to build a Desk for Gaming and Streaming

This setup was the alternative colour setup of black lover. Yeah, this setup totally designed for those people, who actually looking for the white light collection setup, they can go through with this design.

It’s also setup with simple & elegant dual monitor arrangements. It’s ideal for the die hard fan of white. Its also a matched thing that matches to every room. 

With an all-white streaming setup, you are allowed to create an amazing attractive workstation. It’s another good streamer concepts. 

The white setup can be looks great with black accessories. You can add wood into your desk design to get the classical look.

3:- Black and White setup

How to build a Desk for Streaming

This setup was comes with the combination of dual tone colour. As you know that this combination was the most beautiful combination. 

So if you go with this colour setup, the you can get the best look from your streaming setup. The white and black style of this setup is clean, and timeless.

When you have a basic design like this, there’s no need to spend a fortune on a slick and beautiful streamer setup. 

An open and bright area is created through a clean, minimalist setup, with cable management playing a key part.

4:- Soundproof setup

This setup was totally perfect for those who wants to live in silent place and also a calm place. Just because this system makes your room calm and protect you to get touch with outdoor noise.

When you’re live broadcasting, a poorly soundproofed streaming room can degrade your audio quality. It can make you feel comfortable and it also make satisfie your viewers.

Soundproofing your streaming room can be accomplished by utilising soundproof panels or covering the windows. Typically, streaming rooms are carpeted before rugs are placed on the floor. 

Acoustic panels might be employed to cover the ceiling of your streaming room on occasion. There are various types of soundproof products are available, you can go through it.

5:- Wall mounted setup

While wall mounting your computer can be difficult for gaming PC configurations, it can also be a good way to exhibit your machine. 

Hang it on the wall to keep it dust-free.More than merely looking attractive, make decorating a priority. Unique speakers or light fixtures are a terrific place to start.

 A solid wood grain or glass desktop can easily add stylish intrigue to the space.Organize your streaming setup to create a cool, peaceful.

It’s also Collected atmosphere display decor and materials on floating shelves. Adding a desktop shelf to your office will make it more accessible.

FAQ’s on How to Setup a Desk for Gaming & Streaming?

What makes streaming setup good?

A camera, microphone, streaming software, and a solid internet connection are all required for a successful live broadcast. 

Aside from that, adding accessories to a live broadcast might improve the quality of the stream without requiring too much effort.

How much does a streaming setup cost?

This question’s answer was totally depends on you. Just because you know that what is you budget and what types of Accessorise you can afford.

 If your computer doesn’t have the highest specs and equipment, you’ll probably need to invest $200 to $250. 

Once you’ve established a $200 budget and started making money from streaming sets, you may upgrade to better gear.

Final Word

Finally i have successfully described the ideas about “how to setup a desk for Gaming and streaming. I hope should have a good notion of how to set up your desk for streaming by now.

If you have any suggestions or would like to show off your streaming setup, please leave a comment below with your stream name so we can follow you!

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