How High A Standing Desk should Be?

If you’re planning to buy a standing desk. But still don’t know the perfect height and looking for how high a standing desk should be?

Then you are in the right place. Here I’m going to give you the explanation about the proper standing desk height. While you’re sitting and start working in your desk setup, that sitting portion was maintained for a long periods of time, Which make a bad impact on your body.

It’s mandatory to know about how tall should a standing desk be? And then you can set up your standing desk at the correct height for you.

Over time, even an inch or two off might cause unneeded slouching, neck ache, and wrist pain. To get rid of these problems, you need to know about the proper height for standing desk. Which will help you to have a standing desk with a perfect height.

To get an ideal standing desk height, make sure that When you standing in front of the desk, your back and shoulders must be straight, your forearms must be parallel to the ground, and your elbow must be at a 90-degree angle.

Check out this complete guide about how to find the proper height of a standing desk and why it matters so much to maintain your desk in a perfect height.

How High A Standing Desk should Be

Many standing desks are comes with height adjustability feature, which making it easier to select the ideal ergonomic height that can help you to get the optimal standing desk height.

Apart from that a desk height should be around elbow height. Which makes your posture comfortable. But let’s take a closer look at what that entails.

To get the best height for standing desk, Hold your arms straight out if you’re standing tall like you’ll be when using the desk. The forearms should be parallel to the floor when you’re in front of the desk.

As a result, you should take your measurements from the floor to the bottom of your forearms. Get a desk that can adapt to that height or is that height.

Another thing to think about is the shoes you’ll be wearing. Most of us have multiple pairs of shoes that we can wear while working at our desk. Take this into consideration while measuring your height while wearing the shoes.

There are different types of people have different height. Which must impact to the height of the desk, it’s may be difficult to find a perfect height for different heighted person. 

Generally, find a perfect height of a desk, it mainly forms the comfortable for your body, Height measurement of a standing desk is not an easy task. But when you follow some tips and process. It make easier so let me reveal those tips as questions.

How to Find the Ideal Standing Desk Height?

To find the appropriate height for standing desk, there’s an easy way to adjust it to the correct height. Hold your arms parallel to the floor and stand up straight with your shoulders slightly back.

Stand up straight with your chest up and your shoulders comfortably drawn back and down as if you were softly placing your shoulder blades in your back pockets.

Place your arms at your sides and bend your elbows until your forearms are parallel to the ground.

Measure the distance between the bottom tip of your elbow and the floor. That is the ideal height for a standing workstation.

What Is The Proper Height for a Standing Desks?

There are various sized desks are available for various types of people. Because everybody has not the same height. 

So there Many options also include programmable height buttons, allowing you to save the ideal height for standing, sitting, or even multiple users. 

Apart from that the user height was also playing a Vital role to define a standing desk height. In fact, the ideal height for a standing desk is determined by the height of the person who would be using it.

Let me share a chart of user height and desk height, which can clear the confusion about your height for a standing desk.

User HeightStanding Desk Height
5 feet36.5inch
5ft 2inch37.5inch
5ft 4inch39inch
5ft 6inch40.5inch
5ft 8inch41.5inch
6ft 2inch44.5inch
6ft 4inch47inch
6ft 6inch48inch
6ft 8inch49inch

I hope this table was helpful for you. It may clear your confusion about you and your desk height.

What is the Monitor Height on a standing desk?

For a comfortable and beneficial standing position, the monitor height is also critical. The monitor should not be placed too close to your face, but neither should it be placed too far away.

The monitor should be about an arm’s length away as a general rule of thumb. This is normally roughly 2 feet, plus or minus. The top of the screen should be used to determine the monitor’s height. 

The top should be slightly lower than eye level and never higher than eye level. If you need bifocals while working at a standing desk, you’ll need to lower the monitor another inch or two.

The display should be placed such that you never have to bend your neck up or down. Giving the monitor a modest upward tilt is one method to improve this factor.

You should be able to view your monitor comfortably without straining or tilting your neck or back if you tilt it back 10 to 20 degrees.

If have dual monitors setup on a desk. The placement of the monitors is determined by how and how often you use each one. If you use both monitors at the same time or in the same period of time, they should be placed close together and at an angle facing you.

The height should still be just below the level of the eyes. If you use one of the displays more frequently, place it immediately in front of you and the other off to the side.

What is the keyboard Height on a standing desk?

You would think that the height of your desktop and the height of your keyboard are the same thing, but this isn’t always the case.

A keyboard tray that is different from the height of the desktop, which is common on standing desks. When held parallel to the floor, the keyboard should be at a comfortable arm height.

The keyboard should be set up so that your wrists can comfortably rest on top of it. Even when typing, your wrists should be parallel to the keyboard tray or desktop. To reach the keys you use frequently, you should never have to bend them or move them from side to side.

The desktop itself will not matter as long as your keyboard and monitor are at ergonomically proper heights. If the display appears to be excessively high yet the keyboard tray is comfortable, the desk may not be the best choice for you.

If your desktop is large enough, you can put the keyboard on the same surface as the display and use the keyboard tray for something else.

How to Consider a height-adjustable standing desk?

Your body height may vary depending on the height of your shoes or the user. A height adjustable desk is a nice option. You may modify the height of such a desk, making it easier to shift from a sitting to a standing work posture.

Some standing workstations, such as the UPLIFT V2, have programmable height memory buttons that allow for one-touch height adjustments.

Another height-adjustable standing desk features a crank system for manual height adjustments, which is great for strengthening those arms! It is possible to place the system on either side of the desk. 

What is the Height of a standing desk when you are sitting position?

Many standing desks may be adjusted to a sitting position. This is beneficial since alternating between standing and sitting is the healthiest way to use a standing desk. 

The optimal ratio appears to be between 1:1 and 2:1 in favour of sitting. Your arms should be able to reach the keyboard and rest somewhat on top of it while sitting without bending your wrists too far.

Your upper arms should be free-hanging. The desk is too high if you have to elevate your arms or shoulders. The workstation is too low if your hands are below your elbows.

When the desk is too low, the spine is forced to curve in an abnormal way, causing pain in the back, neck, and even the legs. The neck muscles will be stiff and strained as you work if the table is too high.

When utilising the desk at the proper height, you should also ensure that you are sat properly. Your pelvis should be at the same angle as it would be if you were standing or walking to avoid spinal strain.

It is preferable to sit in a chair with a slightly tilted seat. Your feet should be flat against the floor and your seat should lean slightly forward.

When your legs form a 90-degree angle and your feet are about shoulder width apart and flat against the floor, the seat is correct. So that the backrest can do its job and rest your back, you should sit all the way back.

The backrest can be adjusted so that you may sit comfortably all the way back while maintaining a comfortable distance from the keyboard and monitor, as well as having your legs in an ergonomic posture.

The armrests should be high enough for the elbows to rest on them effortlessly and keep your arms forming a 90 degree angle. This implies that they should be quite similar.

Why did I Adjust the height of the Standing Desk?

When you’re standing, your standing desk ergonomic height should be adjusted so that your arms, wrists, and hands are in a hanging posture.

 So, while the 90-degree ergonomic position for sitting with armrests depicted here isn’t perfect. When determining the height of your stand-up workstation, take into account your head, neck, leg, arms, and wrists.

This necessitates a workstation with two distinct levels. An electric standing desk with “height recall buttons” on the remote is well worth the expense if you constantly adjust your height.

Because you’ll be staring at the top part of a monitor for a long time, your eye level should be at the window’s edge and you need to maintain the proper standing desk keyboard height.

A simple technique to achieve your ergonomic monitor height is to place your monitor stand on a small mound of scrap paper.

How Long Should You Stand at a Standing Desk?

After understanding what the perfect standing desk height is, why it matters, and how these desks can help you build a better office. Now it’s time to know how long should you use a standing desk.

You need to maintain a proper ratio of alternate postures between sitting and standing is the last thing you should be aware of for a healthy workplace ergonomic. Which helps you to feel relaxed.

According to a study, to get the best health benefits from both standing and sitting, you should stand at a standing desk for at least 30 minutes for every one to two hours of sitting.

If you follow this method of standing and sitting at a standing desk, then you definitely get the healthy benefits.

Is a Standing Desk Worth it?

In research, stand-up desks have been found to boost productivity and cognitive performance. Your body expends more energy when you stand up instead of sitting.

It allows the body to stretch out, boost blood flow, and engage the core, glutes, and leg muscles, which relieves pain associated with sitting for long periods of time.

Participants said they felt more invigorated and conscious after participating in the study. Sitting for long periods of time is harmful to one’s health.

The minimalist desk is available for purchase if you do not have enough room but want to buy a standing desk.

Should I Get A Standing Desk or not?

Both regular sitting and standing work can be supported by sit-stand desks and desktop conversion devices. 

Certain workstations are made specifically for standing or “perching.” A sit-stand or semi-seated position characterised by a broad.

Just open hip angle is referred to as perching. The standing designs may suit you better if you’re devoted to standing or keeping an open hip angle.

 A sit-to-stand design, on the other hand, is what you want if you intend to stand occasionally and totally sit other times.

Final Word

Nothing beats having a workstation that is customised to your preferences and needs. So take a few minutes to acquire the measuring tape and make sure you’re getting the most out of your workplace workstation.

It’s wonderful to have an adjustable desk for health reasons, whether you’re standing or sitting: no more back ache, stiff neck, or tense shoulders. 

Use the table above to obtain a broad sense of what height chair, desk, or standing desk you’ll need, and have someone help you sit properly for the greatest results.

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