Are standing desks good for gaming? Reasons you need to know

If you are a gamer searching for a standing desk for you. But still confused about are standing desks good for gaming? The answer is Yes.

In this article I’m going to give you the reasons, why Standing Desks Are Better For Gaming. Nowadays there are various types of Desks are available for gaming.

But, Standing computer desks are ideal for computer gaming because they allow you to sit in a comfortable position while playing.

 Gaming on a standing desk can help you to enhance your posture and Reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain, enhanced blood circulation, higher energy expenditure, and improved posture are all documented physical benefits of standing.

Here I’m going to solve your confusion about to choose between standing and sitting desk for gaming. Which desk will be better for your Gaming session.

Are standing desks good for gaming?

Now I’m going to share some of reasons that will help you a lot to get confirm are standing desks good for gaming?.

1:- Better Gaming Experience.

As a gamer, you always wants to get the better gaming experience from your investment in you gaming setup. Which keeps you engaged, active, healthy, and energetic during the gaming session.

To get a better gaming experience, you need to play with standing desk gaming setup, which improves your health, posture, and blood circulation and keeps you active.

As a result, the standing desk can help you stay awake & energised and also allowing you to enjoy the finest gaming experience possible in your Gaming session.

2:- Improve your gaming Focus.

Focusing is one of the most important factor in gaming. Just because without a comfortable focus on the game, you can’t play the game perfectly.

Some gamers who tried playing while standing said they felt instantly engrossed in the game, particularly in first-person shooter (FPS) titles. 

Standing while playing allows gamers to feel fully immersed in the game world, allowing them to better focus on and accomplish objectives.

3:- Stay you Active during the game.

Stay active is one of the most important factor that a human need. Its also mandatory to stay active in the gaming session. To stay active you need to leave the lazyness from sitting and move to standing.

Some of standing desks are comes with height-adjustable features, which can be very helpful to stay you active by functioning your body.

If you have a height Adjustable standing desk, then you can easily change the height of your Gaming desk, so you can easily do gaming while standing.

This process allows you to stretch and more your legs, keeping you feel relaxed and activate during your gaming session.

A standing desk keep you active and also make you comfortable in both sitting and standing posture by stretching your legs or other activities so you can choose a raising desk for gaming.

4:- Improve your body Posture.

As you know that good posture makes good health. So every activities we do in a day we need a good posture to do.

Long periods of sitting can lead to poor posture as you try to feel comfortable by slinking down in your chair. Back ache, a strained neck, and even a slumped posture are all possible outcomes.

You can maintain a neutral attitude by standing up, especially if your monitor is at eye level. It keeps you from hunching over as you try to maintain your balance while focusing on your game.

5:- Makes your game time healthy.

This is very important factor for those who spends long hours in front of a monitor by gaming on standing desk. Standing up provides a significant energy increase.

Experts agree that such a sedentary lifestyle is harmful for our health, produces weariness, and can even make us melancholy. Changing our position during the day, whether sitting or standing, is one simple strategy to combat this.

Changing from sitting to standing, for example, can help keep your blood circulating and provide you with a different perspective point that enlivens your surroundings while refocusing your attention.

6:- Enhance your blood circulation.

If we Come to the internal benefits and improvement of our body, then we found, whenever you stand at your desk for gaming in a standing posture can help to improve the blood circulation of our body.

Long periods of sitting have been shown to be harmful to one’s health. Sitting for eight hours or more per day raises the risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer, and Type I Diabetes.

You can combine standing up for 2 to 3 hours a day by using a standing desk, which will increase your heart rate and blood circulation. Your organs obtain oxygen and work properly when your blood circulation is good.

7:- Encourage your movement

Movement is an mandotary thing that a human need to stay healthy. If you have a sitting desk, you have to face more challenge in the movement activities. because those desks do not allow for additional physical activity.

A gamer with a sitting desk can’t find the features to keep move frequently, which directly impact to our health. You also can’t celebrate your victory in gaming by freely.

When you swich to a Standing desk, then it’s allow you to keep move around frequently in your Gaming session, which helps you to keep healthy in mentally and physically.

8:- Burn your calories

Long time sitting on a chair can increase your body which makes you fat in day by day. If you have a chubby personality, then you can use the standing desk.

Standing desks have also been recognised as NEAT-friendly furniture (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). They encourage calorie burn even when you don’t appear to be exercising.

Standing for an hour can burn 100 to 200 calories, according to research, though your weight, gender, age, and height can all alter how many calories you burn. Sitting for the same amount of time burns only 60 to 130 calories.

You can burn up to 800 calories in a day by standing for four hours. Although standing is not the same as exercising, it is preferable to sitting for the entire day.

9:- Ergonomic Benefits

If you think that sitting and standing improve your gaming sessions’ health, but sitting and standing ergonomically can have a significant and long-term impact on your general health.

Long hours of gaming can place a lot of strain on your spine, which can have a cascading effect and damage a lot of your motor function and nervous system—both of which are essential for maintaining the quick response times required in intense gaming.

When you sit or stand at a height-adjustable Desk, your arms rest at a right angle, protecting your wrist from cerebral palsy and assisting you in maintaining a straight, aligned posture.

10:- Easy to Customise.

When you buy a standing desk, then you can find a lot of amazing features for customising. Which allows you to setup your dream gaming setup according to your idea.

If you are planning to set the monitor in the wall, which is away from the desk. Then you can find some additional workspace in your desk, which allow you to use more gaming equipments.

I don’t know if you have idea about conceal cords or not. If no then i recommend that to use the coceal cords behind the thick and wide desk frames, which can make your setup a sleek and tidy appearance.

11:- Minimalist Esthetic setup

Standing desks can help you better utilise your room space, because they are customizable and take up less space when set up.

For example you can go with a Desk which is a popular choice among gamers and working professionals. It’s also completely customisable, meaning you can change the colour and polish of the wood top to match any space’s design.

Its comes with An all-black stealth style will draw attention to your accessories and make them “pop,” but a brighter or more neutral colour palette can add lightness and brightness to any gaming setup. It is entirely up to you!

Keeping things looking basic and modest is a wonderful way to allow your decor and multicolor gaming accessories take centre stage.

12:- Multiple posture provider.

As you know that the standing desk are comes with adjustment features, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

With a standing desk you can stay standing while gaming. Which is a terrific choice for gamers who have trouble sitting for long periods of time in their gaming chair.

Because it allows you to change the height of your desk between sitting and standing positions while gaming.

For example, if you’re gaming at a standing desk, you can notice that your feet are weary (soreness) from standing for too long.

In this case, you can reduce the standing desk height to the height of your chair and work at the desk while seated.

13:- Make you setup organized

A great option for gaming is a sit-stand desk because of how adaptable they are. They are offering you to try wide range of body postures.

If your Legs fatigued after prolonged standing? Sit at your desk by lowering it. 

Want to stretch your legs because you’re restless? Put it back in the upright position. Anti-fatigue mats and laptop mounts are just a couple of the customization choices.

Accessories that standing desks provide, allowing you to build the ideal arrangement for your gaming preferences.

 Like many stand-up desk types, they don’t have fixed keyboard trays that can interfere with how you like to set up your gaming area.

 If you merely want to stand at your workplace, standing desk adapters are a fantastic choice.

What are the drawbacks of a standing desk?

As you already know where is merits there is demerits. Thus the standing desk has some merits and also the desk have demerits.

Now I’m going to provide you some demerits of standing desk. This section will help you to clear the confusion about why are standing desks good? Or not.

1:- Small Workspace.

The smaller tabletop of the standing workstation provides restricted work areas for gaming needs. It feels no good for a gamer.

Due to the fact that gaming setups can have more equipment and these desks have smaller tabletops, the setup can get very congested.

This has an impact on your game experience and can reduce your productivity by interfering with your concentration.

2:- Expensive

Standing desks are costly due to the materials used in their construction. Which causes that everyone can’t purchase specially newbie gamers.

Solid wood is more complex and time-consuming to make than particle board, which is commonly used for lower-end desks.

However, depending on your needs, they might come in a variety of sizes and features, which affects the price.

3:- Limited shapes

Standing desks lack this option when it comes to desk shapes, which is another disadvantage of standing desks.

The issue is that practically all standing desks are rectangular, although ordinary desks might be L-shaped, U-shaped, T-shaped, and so forth.

And this could be the biggest drawback for gamers who desire a workstation that fits in the corner of their room and can accommodate numerous PC installations.

4:- No spacial features

However, while purchasing a standing desk, you will most likely have to sacrifice on these advantages.

The majority of standing workstations come with merely a coffee cup holder and a headset stand. They will not allow you to utilise a laptop with the gaming computers.

Furthermore, because standing workstations have smaller work surfaces, playing computer games may be uncomfortable.

FAQ’s on are standing Desks good for gaming.

Can i use an Adjustable Desks  for Gaming?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gamer, using a standing desk for gaming has its advantages. It can help one’s health and concentration.

Nowadays where’s everything are comes with a adjustable version. Because the adjustable features are allow the product to use in multiple times in multiple propose.

Even it’s a desk, which also comes with a adjustable features.  It can allow you to use the desk in multiple purpose in multiple positions.

Yes position and posture are two very important factor in a desk. Because without a comfortable posture you can not able to play your game for a long time.

Whenever you have an adjustable desk, it can help you a lot to sit a different types of posture and position which you want.
For Example, if you have a normal gaming desk then you can use it while you’re sitting. Which is not to be a comfortable posture when you sit for a long time. Because it cause back pain, neck pain and other body pains.

But in a adjustable standing desk, you can use it for a long time without getting any pain. Just because you are allowed to change your posture by change the position of the desk.

When you get bore on sitting position, suddenly you can turn the desk into the standing mode and you can start gaming without get any types of pain.

Can You Use a Standing Desk for Gaming?

Standing desks can be employed for gaming, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran.
However, getting used to it may take some time. If you’re using a PC, adjusting the height of your desk affects the level of your gaming equipment.

which includes your display, keyboard, and mouse, do you can easily do playing video games standing up .
Even if your standing desk is set to its highest setting, you may be stooping down to look at your computer screen. It’s also possible that your hands and arms are positioned lower, resulting in tense shoulders and neck.

How to choose a best standing desk for gaming ?

If you are going to purchase a standing desk for you, Before you do that, here are some things you have consider, when you’re going to buy a desk.

Everything should be measured first. It will assist you in determining the maximum height of the table it will reach, allowing you to assess whether a monitor riser or mount is required.

Measuring also allows you to determine if your gaming gear will fit on your table. Will your workspace be large enough to accommodate your CPU or game console, as well as your keyboard and mouse, or will you be able to walk around without striking anything or knocking anything off your table?

Load Capacity:- 
Maximum capacity of load. It depends on the type of standing desk you have, but it might sustain up to 100 pounds. However, it is recommended that you do not exceed its maximum load capacity in order for it to function effectively.

Adjustment types:-
What is the smoothness of your standing table’s movement? Will you be able to rapidly transition from standing to sitting or vice versa without your belongings slipping off the table?

The type of mechanism on your standing desk has a direct impact on how quickly and easily it adjusts.
Standing desks with pneumatic adjustments adjust in seconds, however the rapid movement can cause certain objects on the desk to fall over. Electric standing desks take a little longer to adjust to different settings, but the gradual height adjustment makes them more sturdy.

Manual standing workstations are not good for gamers since they need the removal of items before the table may be adjusted in height. They are not suitable for folks who prefer to sit and stand frequently while gaming.

Final Word

Finally i want to say that, Standing desks encourage you to stand for the majority of the time, but they also allow you to sit when you need to take a break or stretch to keep energised.

They can be found in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours, and they can provide a variety of health, ergonomic, and gaming-related benefits.

If you spend too much time sitting on a chair and playing computer games, it’s time to invest in a standing desk.

I hope you found this post to be informative. If that’s the case, please share this article and let me know what you think about it.

Please share this with your friends and family, because it will be also helpful to them.

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